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Mathlingz Multiplication and Division 2 – Mathematics Games for Children: Times Tables, Multiplying and Dividing Numbers

Are you ready for an exciting adventure with Mathlingz – friendly creatures living in a land of mathematics? Forget about boredom and discover how fascinating math can be! More Info

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i Get… Going to the Hospital and Accessing Child Life Services with Medical Photo Vocabulary and Preparation Books

i Get… Going to the Hospital is an application providing a photo story for individuals that need help understanding the process of being admitted to the hospital. In addition photo books about child life services as well as objects and staff members relative to the hospital are included. More Info

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Number Dots Pro: A Game About Addition

This is a number puzzle game with a lot of fun and challenge. Your mission is making right calculations and selecting correct numbers. There are several levels with difficulty increasing and for every 100 points you unlock the next level. Eight background themes are supported and you can set any one you like. More Info

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Monsterpark Zoo

10 unique monsters with different troubles. Some need food, some a bath, others need their enclosures cleaned. Figure it all out through fun, intuitive, and stress free game play.

Monsterpark Zoo is designed to encourage problem solving, emotional development, coordination, and laughter! It is aimed at ages 2-6 but is sure to delight the whole family. More Info

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SMART Adventures Mission Math 2: Peril at the Pyramids

SMART – the Science Math and Radical Technology Agency – needs your help again! The saga that began with Sabotage at the Space Station continues and the mystery deepens as you join Agent Delta and the Junior Agents for another exciting math adventure. More Info

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